Monday, 22 June 2009

Hollyoaks Football match!

Yesterday i went to the blyth spartans vs hollyoaks chairty football match. It was a good match 5-5.
Well yesterday when i left the house it saw cloudy and the wearther person said it was gonna rain so i took a umbrella so would you belive it come 4o'clock i was so red. i had burnt so badly.
:( so today im not too happy but u have my aftersun lotion.

well anyway here are some pictures from the match. there not to good since they where took on my phone and i couldn't see the screen of my phone when i took most of the pic. Oh and sorry about the spelling today im not the best speller normaly but today i just cant be arsed to correct myself.

The guy who plays tony

The guy who plays jack

Tony again

The guy who plays Dom

The teams getting pics took

Oh if anyone has any adivce on sunburn plz leave a comment!!

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